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Registering your Computer.

You will want to get your computer connected to the internet. You will have received an Ethernet cable from us or through the information pack from Tutorial Office on joining Caius, and you should plug this into a network port in your room and then into the Ethernet port on your computer. Your computer should be set up for DHCP, which will enable the College firewall to give your computer an address. To check that your computer is set up for DHCP. (How to set up DHCP)

This page will guide you in registering your computer to the college network.

Plugged your Ethernet cable into your laptop or desktop, if you try to connect to the internet you will reach this page which it directs you to collect your passwords, if you do not already know them. For Apple Mac and Linux computers, open a web browser and go to the college website, When you have your passwords, you are ready to connect to the network so please select Click here to log-in using Raven.

You have been taken to a Bradford Campus Manager registration Page. You will be asked to download or run a file, which you should run. This file will install on and then scan your computer. It will bring up a results page to tell you what needs to be done to ensure your machine is fit for the college network (for example to get the latest windows updates, if applicable) . It is important that you follow the onscreen instructions as accurately as you can, including rebooting or clicking buttons as directed.

For computers running Windows, the very next thing you must do is remove any anti-virus software from your computer. A lot of computers come with Norton or McAfee already installed and these need to be removed before continuing. The University provides a copy of McAfee with the latest definitions and engine updates which will download to your PC during this scanning process, and if your computer already has anti-virus software installed it could cause damage to your operating system.

If, at any time, your machine appears to hang for a few minutes and looks as though it has finished the previous task, you might like to try closing and reopening your browser window to see if that fixes the problem. If not, you should try rebooting your machine. Then go back to the college website and log-in again.



Once you have successfully logged in, you will come to this page. Press Click here to submit new registration application.


Confirm your registration by clicking CLICK HERE TO APPLY.

Please complete all the details and make sure you add the right Location (your room). Press Click to Submit Application.


Once you submit the application, you will see the following screen where you are awaiting the registration:


There will be a test to ensure that your computer passes the network security checks. If this is not the case, you should scan your computer following the appropriate instructions, for instance remove any anti-virus software or get the latest windows updates, if applicable.

Once the process has been completed successfully you will be able to access the internet.


    Tip: If any problems do occur, read any error messages carefully. A common problem is with updating or installing your anti-virus software. If this happens, you should try uninstalling your existing anti-virus software completely before running the scan again and letting Bradford Campus Manager install it for you. Any further problems are likely to be with updating it to the most recent definitions file. If this happens, the best thing to do is go to this web page on a friends machine, and download the latest sdat file; that is, the file that begins sdat and has the most recent date. Put that file on a memory stick, take it back to your computer and run it. Your anti-virus software should then update to the latest definitions file.


Please note that your machine will be returned to quarantine at least once a term and you will have to go through this procedure again. This is to ensure that your machine is kept up to date and free of viruses. You should be patient and go through the checks as thoroughly as you did originally.