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Access Cards

The University card is required for College members to gain entry to certain areas of College. Your University card has been allocated specifically to you by The University Card Office and must not be lent to anyone, even to another student within the College. Responsible students will ensure any door they open with a card closes securely behind them, and will not allow passage through a secure door by anyone claiming they have lost or do not currently have their card. Students who force or hold open any door operated by a card may be held responsible for any resulting security incidents or damage.

If your card is lost, stolen or becomes damaged and stops working, you must inform The Tutorial Office in Tree Court immediately.

• Email:
• Phone: (01223) 332413
• Fax: (01223) 332456

They will order you a new card. The main Porter’s Lodge will be able to issue you a temporary replacement card which will enable you to get around until your new card arrives. You should inform the Porter’s Lodge if anything happens to this temporary card and hand it back when you receive your new one.

Activated University cards give timed access to the following areas:


Cockerell Building

Computer Room and library                                                                              0700-0100


St Michael’s Court

Main gate                                                                                                          24 hour

Laundry and drying rooms in C and F staircases                                              24 hour


Old Courts

Laundry in N staircase                                                                                      24 hour


Harvey Road (Graduates only)

Computer room in basement of number 8                                                        24 hour

MCR in basement of number 1                                                                          24 hour


Squash Courts

Squash Court and gym                                                                                     0800-2200


Harvey Court

Newnham Cottage Annex                                                                                 0900-2300


Stephen Hawking Building (Undergrads only)

Accommodation                                                                                                 24 hour

Cavonius Centre                                                                                               0900-1800 (term-time only)